Design and Manufacture Of Turnkey Energy Conversion Systems

Poseico S.p.A. is a company specialized in the development of advanced power electronics equipment, with unique customer service to match.

Our modular approach can be easily configured in an extensive range of voltage and power to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Nuclear Fusion

Poseico S.p.A. designs and makes bespoke power conversion systems for nuclear fusion and particle accelerators.

In particular, Poseico S.p.A. can supply solutions for the following applications:

  • HV DC power supplies for RF tubes (Tetrode, Diacrod, IOT)
  • HV DC power supplies for Neutral Beam Injectors
  • High current and/or high precision magnet power supplies

A reference for this power electronics solution is:

JT60-SA fusion reactor

The JT60-SA fusion reactor is one of the largest in the world. While the JT-60SA and ITER are independent research initiatives, JT-60SA was designed to support ITER’s research aims by developing and testing practical and reliable plasma control schemes suitable for future power plants.

Poseico S.p.A. was commissioned to design and produce Power Supplies (PS) and Switching Network Units (SNU) to induce and sustain the loop voltage needed for plasma initiation in the JT-60SA.

Research and Testing Lab

Poseico S.p.A. supports the most important world-leading technical consulting and engineering companies in the field of technology and innovation for the electric power sector, providing customized advanced power electronics solutions for Research and Testing laboratories.

Poseico S.p.A. is currently involved in several projects to equip and support Railway Testing Laboratories and Testing, Inspection and Certification companies around the world with dedicated solutions.