Professionalism and efficiency through constant internal reviews

We maintain our image of professionalism and efficiency through constant internal reviews. We train our staff periodically to ensure continuous improvement. Our QA (Quality and Environment) manager is responsible for Process review to identify flaws and suggest improvements to the Direction. Quality and Environmental Policies and related topics are periodically analysed and updated during Direction review meetings. The Quality and Environment role is responsible also for internal evaluation to ensure that the Quality, Safety and Environmental Policies are widely understood and applied.

The principles inspiring our Policies of Quality, Safety and Protection of the Environment arise from our will to:
  • Improve the quality of our products.
  • Improve Environmental Standards and Reduce Environmental.
  • Impacts.
Based on these principles Poseico S.p.A. aims to offer:
  • High level products able to fully meet customers’ expectations.
  • Contained production costs.
  • Constant technological improvement for minimizing Environmental impacts.
Based on these principles Poseico S.p.A. aims to offer:
  • To accurately identify our customers’ needs.
  • To tailor our products to meet individual customer requirements.
  • To ensure on time delivery of our products.
  • Fairness in pricing our products.
  • To constantly monitor and regulate manufacturing costs.
  • To ensure a constant imp rovement of our internal processes.
  • To follow strict compliance rules for maintaining our Internal and External Policies.
  • To optimize the waste recycling process.
  • To arrange periodic internal training on Safety Policies.
  • To disclose our policies to our customers.