Water cooled power assemblies
Poseico shape

Water cooled power assemblies


Using proprietary devices as well as semiconductors and water heatsink

High power density, high efficiency and reliability

Custom design available. Full compliance with Customer’s specifications

Natural, forced air cooling or water cooling system

Semiconductor: Thyristors, Diodes, GTO, and IGBT (press-pack and insulated modules)

Connection technology both copper and aluminum


Industrial converters

Traction converters

Converter for research applications

Replacement and refurbishment of power electronic assemblies

Poseico shape
Power Assembly Short description IT V Type THYRISTOR Poseico Fuse Size
A V (LxHxP)
ASW-8000-2AT708LT WATER COOLED THYRISTOR BRIDGE 8000A fino a 200Vac AT708LT 170x370x380mm 170x370x380mm Poseico Industrial Market Leader
ASW-10000-2AT708LT WATER COOLED THYRISTOR BRIDGE 10000A fino a 200Vac AT708LT 170x370x380mm 170x370x380mm Poseico Industrial Market Leader
ASW-12000-2AT908 WATER COOLED THYRISTOR BRIDGE 12000A fino a 200Vac AT908 210x480x380mm 210x480x380mm Poseico Industrial Market Leader
ASW-2500-2AT1004 WATER COOLED THYRISTOR BRIDGE 2500A fino a 200Vac AT1004 142x270x350mm 142x270x350mm Poseico Industrial Market Leader
ASW-3500-2AT607 WATER COOLED THYRISTOR BRIDGE 3500A fino a 200Vac AT607 142x280x350mm 142x280x350mm Poseico Industrial Market Leader
ASW-4000-2AT607 WATER COOLED THYRISTOR BRIDGE 4000A fino a 200Vac AT607 142x300x350mm 142x300x350mm Poseico Industrial Market Leader
ASW-5000-2AT607 WATER COOLED THYRISTOR BRIDGE 5000A fino a 200Vac AT607 142x310x350mm 142x310x350mm Poseico Industrial Market Leader
ASW-6000-2AT720LT WATER COOLED THYRISTOR BRIDGE 6000A fino a 200Vac AT720LT 170x340x360mm 170x340x360mm Poseico Industrial Market Leader